Child Protection

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Cork Parks Tennis has adopted and implemented the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport as set out by Tennis Ireland as an integral part of our policy on children. Upon joining or renewal any of our programmes you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and the organizations Child Protection Policy. These codes and policies are set out below, and everyone should read and become familiar with them.

The Child Protection Officers are available should any participant have any questions or require any assistance in relation to child protection issue.

Child Protection Officers

Child Protection Officer John O Rourke

Child Protection Officer Laura O Rourke

The organization is not responsible for providing adult supervision for children except for formal coaching, or formal matches practice. Cork parks tennis or Togher Community Tennis Club does not accept responsibility for independent recreational play e.g. two juniors arriving at the club on their own to play a game or children being left unsupervised while their parents/guardians are playing tennis. It is strongly recommended that if children are playing in the club independently of the club’s organised activities that a parent/guardian stays with them for the duration of the activity.

Child Protection Policies

1. Appendix 1-Legislation and Policy

2. Appendix 2-CPT Safeguarding Policy

3. Appendix 3-CPT Risk Assessment

4. Appendix 4-CPT Recruitment Procedures

5. Appendix 5-CPT Safeguarding Training

6. Appendix 6-CPT Roles Responsibilities and Relationships

7. Appendix 7-CPT Reporting and Protection

8. Appendix 8-CPT Disciplinary Complaints and Appeals

9. Appendix 9-CPT Bullying Policy

10a. Appendix10a-CPT Code of Conduct for Parents and carers

10b. Appendix10b-CPT Code of conduct for Children and Young People

10c. Appendix 10c-CPT Code of Conduct for Tennis Leaders and Coaches

10d. Appendix 10d-CPT Code for Committees

11. Appendix 11-CPT Adult Supervision of Children Policy

12. Appendix 12-CPT Missing Childs Policy

13. Appendix 13_CPT Policy for Administration of Medication

14. Appendix 14-CPT Social Media Policy

15. Appendix 15-Child Welfare and Protection Procedures

16. Appendix 16-CPT Child Welfare and Protection Procedures